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2006-07-09 If you were at NAS, or if you wish you had been, here are a bunch of pictures from this years event. Hope to see you all next time!
Pictures by GokMasE
Pictures by Mille Babic
Read more about XaAES here:

2006-07-03 NAS has ended! Another year, another NAS. Maybe a tad fewer visitors than last years NAS, but even so this years event was very rewarding. Nick Harlow was once again back, and offered good deals on several items. He was a very nice bloke, and we are very happy that he decided to come despite of some recent health issues.
Odd Skancke (Ozk) was supplied with equipment to help him test current FreeMiNT on a 68000 based setup (a MegaST4 to be more precise). The reason for this was to find out what might be preventing such machines from running MiNT. For rougly 2 years, any attempt to boot FreeMiNT on a 68000 setup has resulted in nasty errors at boot time. During NAS, Ozk worked very hard to solve this problem and at the end of NAS he succeeded in having FreeMiNT finishing its boot sequence. XaAES would still refuse to run, but this seemed to be due to some memory issues and requires more investigation to solve.
Anyway, when Ozk's latest patches have been checked in to CVS, you might not have to see errors like this again
More around NAS2006:
Andreas' blog from NAS2006 (swedish)

2006-07-02 PART 2 NAS2006 is coming to an end, and while no big changes have found their way into the aICQ code, I am letting go of a NAS-release. This version is a small update to 0.168 and should be considered a pre-0.169 release. AtarICQ will now cope better with the new concept of floating windows in XaAES, a feature that can be specified on a "per window basis". Grab the distribution archive here:
AtarICQ 0.169-NAS (pre-release)

2006-07-02 PART 1 The hour is real late and the few that are still up, are getting tired after a long day! A bunch of people have found their way to NAS today, among those we can mention Bo Leuf with his son, Gillis Robertsson and dutchman Koen W with wife. Gillis was a new aquintance who recently had equipped his Falcon with a brand new CT63 and was clearly focused to get things running stable. It was a cool surprise to see Koen show up also for NAS2006, he visited NAS for the first time in 2005 and decided that it was a nice enough event to justify another visit. Awesome ;)
Ozk has been busy tracking down bugs in FreeMiNT kernel during most of today. The tests have been targetting the errors that prevents the current version of the kernel from booting up on 68000 machines. While things have progressed quite a lot, the kernel is still not fully fixed at this time. (Which is 02.42)
That said, we must not forget to mention the hectic game playing that has been going on between Knezzen and Pep who have challenged each other in various fighting games during most of this evening. Lastly, Andreas has been putting his heart into stabilizing his C-LAB Falcon.

2006-07-01 Nick Harlow has set up his table full with games and commerical software, and also has a few bits of hardware and cables available. Furthermore, Mille Babic and Lars Lindblad has arrived and brought some hardware too. This includes some more Falcons as well as a trusty old MegaST.
GokMasE also brought a MegaST4, which we are now trying to use as a test setup for FreeMiNT. It is now dumping debug data to a PSION device via a null modem cable. Hopefully todays tests will allow Ozk to find some clues as to how FreeMiNT could achieve better compatibility with the older Atari systems.

2006-06-30 NAS2006 is open! The first visitors are here and the network is up and running. Most of the people will show up during tomorrow, but we have already setup a bunch of Falcons with CT60, a nunmber of TTs as well as a Hades. People that arrived so far: PeP, Knezzen, GokMasE, Ozk, Kenneth Medin and Andreas Sjöö. We have set up an IRC channel at ircnet, #NAS2006.

2006-05-23 Today the official NAS website posted additional details about NAS2006. The theme for this years event will be EtherNAT, CT60 and FreeMiNT/XaAES. Like last year, anyone who wants to can sleep over at NAS. Showers are also available. NAS will open at 6pm on friday 30th of June and be open until 3pm on sunday.

2006-04-30 The date has finally been set, NAS is due between June 30th and July 2nd. It will be held at the same place as the last few years, Samskolan in Gothenburg, Sweden. This year NAS will be a 3-day event, something that should be nice especially for people who need to travel a bit to get there :)


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