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Help through speech bubbles

Many of us really hate to read manuals in case it is not absolutely necessary. We often want to figure stuff out by ourselves and then it can be great to get a basic explanation of the programs main functions while we are working with it. It is also for exactly this kind of messages that BubbleGEM is intended.

With the CPX-module you can choose if you want the text to be written inside a bubble with Mac-style or in a yellow box like in Windows. You can also determine if the time triggered function shall be activated and if even untopped windows will be affected by that. hEARCoach will only display speech bubbles if the help demon is activated which means you must have MagiC/Geneva/MiNT+AES/WinX

For more info you can download the program or visit the authors:

Screenshot of CPX-module for BubbleGEM
<< This is a snapshot of the CPX-module where you do the setup.

Here you see an example of a speech bubble showing up on top of a hEARCoach window >>

Screenshot of hEARCoach showing a help bubble through BubbleGEM

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