hEARCoach -Train your musical hearing!
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Current version is 0.97b (Released 2000-03-09)

hEARCoach is a program that will help you improve your ability to recognize musical intervals and chords.
Chord trainer has been improved and can now use up to 50 chords per session!

hEARCoach supports:
  • BubbleGEM
  • Global window cycling
  • MIDI (in/out)
  • Internal sound (Limited)
  • 3D-buttons (with newer AES)
  • Background input (with newer AES)
Read a review of v0.96 from Atari Computing 14 (gif/text)
New in version 0.97b:

Bugfixing -Fixed all I know of... ;)
Improved chord trainer -Load chords from separate chord file
Interval trainer -Attempts per interval is now stated in statistics window
Cosmetical -Better looking interface! (Especially for newer AES with 16 colours or more!)

General additions:

  • Moved text strings to RSC-file
  • Support for BubbleGEM (With multitasking)

Download latest version

The amount of work I put in this project is depending on the feedback I get! If you download this program, please send me an email or/and take the time to sign my guestbook and tell me you did so. The reason for this request is that IŽd like to know if enough people are interested. I also welcome any suggestions (for changes, new features or whatever!) or feedback you might have! If someone finds my efforts with this piece of code useful, please let me know!

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hEARCoach has been developed in GFA Basic on a 4Mb 1040STe (TOS 1.62) and tested successfully with:

Future for hEARCoach?