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I´ve used my Atari STe (Now with 4Mb) for sequencing a long time, but have recently also made some efforts to learn how to write programs. At this time I´m using GFA-basic 3.6 since I only know a little BASIC and PASCAL. I have very little experience of writing programs and ever since my good old ABC-80 (Swedish Z80-based computer) was put in the closet I haven´t done anything. Until now. 8)


Extremely simple accessory that will allow you to take a snapshot of the screen and import into the original Atari Resource Editor in *.ICN-format

New! (2000-02-11)

Mini-iconspacerDownload (10.4kb)


TOUCH is a very simple utility that can set current date and time for a file (or a whole dir) of your choice. It is also possible to drop a file (only one at a time!) on it, and achive the same thing but with immediate return to desktop.

New! (990520) Bugfixed version! :)

Mini-iconspacerDownload (5kb)

Tips, docs and source

To help others getting started with GFA-basic for ATARI I have uploaded these manuals and other stuff.

New filesearch program

I have written a simple search utility that when given a search mask will scan through any directory of your choice, including subdirectorys. Search results are then presented in a GEM-window and you can now select the entries you want and then either copy to clipboard, send to AV-SERVER or delete them. Will only work with TOS-filesystem, but that may change in the future.

New! (2000-02-11)

Mini-iconspacerDownload (12.6kb)

Note: I believe all files I have on this page to be PD / Shareware, but if you think that is not the case then please let me know and I´ll remove them!

Some links that might be of interest if your´re into GFA