INDEX FOR MAGAZINE ISSUES 1-49

      Symbol keys used         (S)=Source code (Assembler, C, Basic, etc)
                               (P)=Program file only.
                               (D)=Document text files.

       ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 1 ---------------------------

      ASSEMBLY  Executable file cruncher/decruncher code (S)
                Mandelbrot & Julia set picture generator, low rez (S)
                Caps lock disable routine (S)
                Virus killer program and info on 19 viruses (S)(D)
                Bootsector Companion program and bootsector code (S)
                Code to erase boot sector programs (S)
      C         Routine to set time on boot up (S)
                Code to fast erase floppy disk data (S)
                Binary file to assembler source code converter (S)
                Program to show ST type (P)(S)
                Code to get/set system clock (S)
      STOS      Games cheat program code (S)
      MISC      Falcon review (D)
                Falcon specifications (D)
                Program to force memory size to 0.5Mb (P)
                Personal accounts program (P)

       ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 2 ---------------------------

      ASSEMBLY  Document displayer code, medium rez (S)
                ICTARI display text code (S)
                Menu display program (S)
                Code to remove lower screen border (S)
                Code to play digitized sampled sound on STE only (S)(P)
      C         ICTARI Database program (S)(P)
                Graphics information, VDI calls demo (S)
                Code to read and display keyboard data (S)
      GFA       Font designer program (S)(P)
      STOS      Ball-in-ball model demo code (S)
                Cyberworm game (S)
                Filter scroller (S)
                Pontoon game (S)(P)
                Raster routine code (S)
                Unlimited sprites demo code (S)
      MISC      File move program (P)
                ST Zip program (P)
                Bug reports (D)
                Midi information and sample (D)

       ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 3 ---------------------------

      ASSEMBLY  Code to display disk information (S)
                Tips for speeding up machine code programs (D)
                Code to remove top and bottom screen borders (S)
                Loading and saving files using GEMDOS (S)
                Code to load and display SPECTRUM pictures (S)
                Accessing disk sectors including boot sectors (S)
                Code to display TOS, sysbase, STE, memsize, etc (S)
      C         Disk back up utility (S)
                Tim Oren GEM Tutorial Parts 1 & 2 Windows (D)(S)
                Screen re-draw code (S)
      GFA       Multi-tasking clock accessory (S)
                Routines to load and display DEGAS pictures (S)
                Beginners GFA Tutorial (D)(S)
                Make menu utility program for GFA programmers (P)
      BASIC     Mandelbrot & Julia display program (S)
      STOS      Circle drawing demo (S)
                Code for calendar to name any day (S)
                Code to display droid sprite in dungeon (S)
                Program to rescue data from corrupted disk (S)
      MISC      Chameleon program (P)
                Demos information (D)
                GEMBENCH program (P)
                GEMDOS manual for assembler and C (D)
                File unpacker program (P)
                Program to trace TOS system calls (P)
                Virus protection program (P)
                Guide to Railroad Tycoon game (D)

       ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 4 ---------------------------

      ASSEMBLY  Mega funky screen flipper (S)
                Document display program (S)
                HBL colour change code (S)
                Assembler Tutorial Part 1 Scope and concepts (D)(S)
                Assembler Tutorial Part 2 Editors, Assembler, Debugger
      C         A simple form handler routine (S)(P)
                Tim Oren GEM Tutorial Part 3 Dialog handler (S)(D)
                Tim Oren GEM Tutorial Part 4 GEM Resource structures (D)
                Sound samples replay code for STE (S)
      STOS      29 new STOS Basic extensions (S)(D)
      MISC      Sampled sounds formats V2.10 by Guido van Rossum (D)
                VT52 Control codes list (D)
                Program to convert DEGAS pictures to DEGAS ELITE (P)
                Stereo hardware modifications for STFMs (D)
                Picture formats information by David Baggett (D)
                Sound sample play program before a warm reset (P)
                Program to change mouse cursor to hourglass shape (P)
                Program to play MOD files on machines with PCM chip (P)

       ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 5 ---------------------------

      ASSEMBLY  Code to remove upper and lower screen borders (S)
                Document display program (S)
                Reset picture demo, displays picture after reset (S)
                Starburst routine (S)
                TOS version detection code (S)
                Assembler Tutorial Part 3 Addressing modes (D)(S)
                Assembler Tutorial Part 4 Initialization Algorithms (D)
                Simple raster routine (S)
                Executable file structure & relocation table (S)
      C         Tim Oren GEM Tutorial Part 5 Resource Trees (D)(S)
                Tim Oren GEM Tutorial Part 6 Raster operations (D)(S)
                Linking machine code into C programs and vice versa (S)
      GFA       Image display routines (S)
                Scroller routine (S)
                Screen meltdown routine (S)
                Sprite routines (S)
      STOS      Screen border removal code (S)
                Sine wave programs (S)
                Code to use more than 15 sprites (S)
      MISC      MIDI data file
                Disk formats information (D)
                Pexec TOS call information (D)
                Disk/memory display/edit program (P)
                Icon editor program (P)

       ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 6 ---------------------------

      ASSEMBLY  Assembler Tutorial Part 5 Program timings (D)(S)
                Assembler Tutorial Part 6 Instruction timings (D)(S)
                Routine to locate box image on screen (S)
                GEM shell code (S)
                Code to use interrupt routines (S)
                Random number generator and scaling routines (S)
                Hi-resolution scroll routine (S)
                Square root calculation routine (S)
                Notes on sub-routine library files (D)
      C         Tim Oren GEM Tutorial Part 7 Menu structures (D)(S)
                Tim Oren GEM Tutorial Part 8 User interfaces (D)(S)
      GFA       19 miscellaneous procedures (S)
                22 misc files including sprites, rasters, starfields (S)
      STOS      Screen demos (S)
      PASCAL    Disk address book program (S)
      MISC      Handwriting recognition program (P)
                Stereo sampled sound sequencer system STE (P)
                Playing sampled sounds in Basic using DMA, STE only (S)

       ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 7 ---------------------------

      ASSEMBLY  Assembler Tutorial Part 7 Adaptive algorithms (D)(S)
                Assembler Tutorial Part 8 Seizing system control (D)(S)
                Routine to position cursor at set co-ordinates (S)
                Sprite routines using Neochrome Master (S)(P)(D)
                Tracker module player code (S)
      C         Tim Oren GEM Tutorial Part 9  Lines & Solids (D)(S)
                Tim Oren GEM Tutorial Part 10 Text output (D)(S)
      GFA       Overscan utility (S)
                Pixels program (P)
      STOS      ICTARI accounts program (S)(P)
      MISC      Text printing program for GDOS fonts (P)
                Astra DTMT program (Update from issue 4) (P)
                Handwriting recognition program (P)
                Bitplane information (D)

       ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 8 ---------------------------

      ASSEMBLY  Programming techniques. Passing in-line data to S/R (D)
                Notes on program layout (D)
                68K instruction set display accessory (S)
                Mouse problem request (S)
      C         GEM tutorial Chapters 0-7 (D)
                82 source code routines for use with GEM tutorial (S)
      GFA       Graphics mapping bitmaps (D)(S)
      PASCAL    Directory lister (S)(P)
      MISC      Images (4D cube and DSP56001 circuit)
                18 Atari books briefly reviewed (D)

       ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 9 ---------------------------

      ASSEMBLY  Cookie Jar find program and documentation (D)
                Cookie Jar find source code (S)
                Assembler MACRO tutorial (D)
                Two MACRO files for system TOS calls (S)
                Twist scroll demo program and source (needs fixing) (S)
                Mouse problem answered (D)
      C         C Tutorial Chapters 8-14, (see last month also) (D)
                Program to delete .BAK files and source code (S)(P)
      GFA       Handy tips for GFA programmers (D)
                Horizontal scroll routine (S)
      PASCAL    Address book program and source code (S)(P)
      MISC      Atari Explorer Online Programmers Journal  Issue 1 (D)
                'The Atari Compendium' book review (D)
                Pexec TOS call information (D)
                Executable file structure information (D)
                Index for ICTARI disk magazines issues 1-8 (D)
                List of current members (D)

       ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 10 ---------------------------

      ASSEMBLY  Complete set of floating point arithmetic routines (S)
                Routine to read command line text string (S)
                Event_multi 'right button' problem solved at last (D)
                Twist scroll program, updated version (S)
      C         Boink, a Break-out type game with source code (S)
                Event_multi 'right button' problem solved at last (D)
      GFA       Code to read command line on TTP programs (S)
                GEM Window handling routines (S)
                Colour scroller routines (S)
                Corrections to bit maps article (see issue 8) (D)
      PASCAL    Pipe monitor. Displays AES messages (S)
      STOS      Moving block puzzle game (S)
      MISC      Atari Explorer Online Programmers Journal  Issue 2 (D)
                Various GEM bugs discussed (D)
                Program to show active GEM/TOS/BIOS/AES/VDI  calls (P)
                The LZW and GIF compression algorithms explained (D)
                List of current members (D)
                Index for issues 1-9 (D)

       ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 11 ---------------------------

      ASSEMBLY  Binary to decimal conversion routine (S)
                Decimal to binary conversion routine (S)
                Code to play chip music in interrupts (S)
                Code to set up time and date when booting up (S)
                Routine to convert number to a binary string (S)
                Routine to convert number to hex string (S)
                Routine to enter hex number from keyboard (S)
      C         GEM Tutorial by J White. Part 1 Introduction (D)
                Using floating dialogue boxes in Lattice C (S)
                Porting IBM PC RSC/Doodle to Atari GEM (D)
      GFA       Code to generate circles, spheres, etc (S)(D)
                Picture image cutter and saver program for GFA (P)
      PASCAL    Code to show boolean expressions as a Karnaugh map (S)
      STOS      Code for number guessing game that talks to you (S)
      MISC      Blitter chip manual (D)
                Click anywhere title box using Resource File editor (D)
                List of current members (D)
                Index for issues 1-10 (D)

       ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 12 ---------------------------

      ASSEMBLY  Load file routines (S)
                Colour palette fading routines for STFM & STE (S)
                User defined mouse shapes for GEM programs (S)
                Sprite drawing routines (S)
                Sprite tutorial Part 1. Beating the 16 pixel boundary (D)
                Updates for Cookie find & Mouse routines (S)
      C         Fractal drawing code (S)
                GEM Tutorial by J White. Part 2. Initialising GEM (D)
      GFA       GFA Manual Part 1 of 3 (D)
                GFA Alert box designer program (P)
      STOS      Bootview program code (S)
                Pipe perfect game (S)
      MISC      Analyzer program to display info on system crashes (P)
                Atari Questions and Answers file No 1 (D)
                Warning for DevPac 3 and Lattice C users (D)
                Current membership list (D)
                Index for issues 1-11 (D)

      ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 13 ---------------------------

      ASSEMBLY  Setting up system timers (S)
                Vertical Blanking List (VBL) notes (D)
                Colour cycling on raster lines (S)
                Nick Bates. Sprite tutorial Part 2. (S)(D)
                Keyboard equates file (S)
                Compare routine (S)
                Disk formatting code (S)(P)
      C         C Graphics extensions (S)
                Various C functions for use with GEM dialogs (S)
                GEM Tutorial by J White. Part 3. (D)
      GFA       Anagram generating code and recursion techniques (D)(S)
                Sound sample play routines (S)
      STOS      STOS extra extensions (S)
      MISC      Atari Questions and Answers file No 2 (D)
                Discussion on drawing tangents on curves (D)
                Current membership list (D)

      ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 14 ---------------------------

      ASSEMBLY  STFM Overscan techniques (S)
                Nick Bates, Sprite tutorial Part 3 (S)
                Code to calculate position of bouncing sprite (S)
                Sign Integer Fraction maths routines (S)
      C         GEM Tutorial by J White. Part 4 (D)
                Othello game source code (S)
                League table solution (D)
      GFA       GFA Manual Part 2 (S)
                Dialog box designer program (P)
      STOS      STOS accessory to display text files (S)
                Rebound football game (S)
                Plazma screen display code (S)
      MISC      Atari Questions and Answers file No 3 (D)
                STE hardware information (D)
                Current membership list (D)
                Index to issues 1-13 (D)

      ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 15 ---------------------------

      ASSEMBLY  DMA sampled sound play routines (S).
                PSG sampled sound play routine and editor program (S)(P).
                Sound sample conversion routines (S).
      C         Falcon DSP sound playing routines (S).
                GEM Tutorial by J White. Part 5 (D).
      GFA       GFA Manual Part 3 (D).
                DMA sound playing routines (S).
      STOS      Disco display and sound play program with notes (S).
                Dot matrix count up timer routine (S).
      MISC      Algorithm Corner. Date to day conversion algorithm (D).
                Atari Questions and Answers file No 4 (D).
                Information on sampled sounds and PSG chip (D).
                PSG Musical note/register code listing (D).
                Current membership list (D).

      ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 16 ---------------------------

      ASSEMBLY  IMG mono picture decoding routine (S)
                Degas PI1-3/PC1-3 picture decoding routine (S)
                Tiny TNY/TN1-3 picture decoding routine (S)
                PC Paintbrush PCX picture decoding routine (S)
                STAD PAC picture decoding routine (S)
                Tiny low rez decoding routine (S)
                IMG/IFF/DEGAS/NEO packing/unpacking routines (S)
      C         TNY picture decoding routine (S)
                LZW TIFF compression definitions and algorithms (D)(S)
                Neochrome picture show program (S)(P)
                GEM Tutorial by J White. Part 6 (D)
                IMG picture loader code (S)
      GFA       CrackArt picture compression/decompression code (S)
                Spectrum (SPU) picture format information and code (D)(S)
                Tiny picture decompression code (S)
      STOS      Using 80 column text in low rez (S)
                VDU dump program (S)
      MISC      Algorithm Corner. Star Wars scroll & Huffman coding (D)
                Video Master picture file format information (D)
                Falcon screen resolution detection (D)
                The IMG, IFF ILBM formats plus EDT sprite file info (D)
                Atari Questions and Answers file No 5 (D)
                PCX picture format information (D)
                TIFF/LZW technical memorandum (D)
                Current membership list (D)
                Index to Issues 1-15 (D)

      ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 17 ---------------------------

      ASSEMBLY  GEM Window redraw routine (S)
                Sprite packer/unpacker routines (S)
                Rectangle intersection detection code (S)
                Shareware program encryption system (S)(P)
      C         Useful MagiC C functions (S)
                GEM Tutorial by J White. Part 7 (D)
                Prime number generator (S)
      GFA       Mandelbrot generator (S)
                ShadeBob, 4 bit real time shading (S)
                GFA menu locating techniques (S)
      STOS      Factorial calculator program (S)
                Wordsearch puzzle solving program (S)
                Using STOS on the Falcon (D)
      PASCAL    Program to calculate shift bonuses, etc (S)
      MISC      Algorithm Corner. Roman/Arabic number conversion (D)
                Barrel program. Printer output redirection (P)
                Current membership list (D)
                Index to Issues 1-15 (D)

      ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 18 ---------------------------

      ASSEMBLY  Roman to Arabic number conversion routine (S)
                Arabic to Roman number conversion routine (S)
                AES/VDI function reference sheets (D)
                Text dictionary encoding techniques and code (D)(S)
      C         GEM Tutorial by J White. Part 8 (D)
                Calendar program code (S)
      GFA       Overscan and Fullscreen coding techniques (S)
      BASIC     CAD 3D to DXF converter program (D)(P)
      STOS      Screen demo code routines (S)
      PASCAL    Various small programs (S)
      MISC      More GIF/TIFF coding information (D)
                Binary-ASCII conversion program for Assembler use (P)
                Hallucinogen demo program (P)

      ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 19 ---------------------------

      ASSEMBLY  Various Falcon specific assembler routines (S)
                Joystick reading routines (S)
                'Thermometer' progress display code (S)
      C         GEM Tutorial by J White. Part 9 (D)
                Text packing using Huffman coding (S)(P)
      GFA       AutoZest (GFA Interface Creation Utility)(P)
                GFA Programming Tricks and Tips (D)
      STOS      Mad Bomber game code (S)
                Routines to draw Alert boxes and work out time/date (S)
      PASCAL    More small programs (S)
      MISC      Desktop .INF file information (D)
                More information on GIF image format (D)
                Current membership list (D)

      ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 20 ---------------------------

      ASSEMBLY  Using Calamus fonts in user programs (D)(S)
                Multi-colour Screen raster routines (S)
                Making CPX accessory files (S)
      C         GEM Tutorial by J White. Part 10. (D)
                Digitized Sound play code for STFMs.
      STOS      STOS fix code for different TOS versions (S)
      PASCAL    Miscellaneous example programs (S)
      MISC      GIF/TIFF file information (D)
                Using languages other than English in programs (D)
                Program for using line drawing in text files (P)(S)
                CPX maker utility program and source code (P)
                Current membership list (D)

      ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 21 ---------------------------

      ASSEMBLY  Various maths function routines (S)
                RSC Macros and RSC routines (S)
                Joystick routines (S)
                RSC file inclusion in program plus demo program (S)(P)
      C         Questions and Answers file (D)
      GFA       Football game code (S)
      STOS      Text display program code (S)
                Fast sprite drawing routines (S)
      MISC      DXF format text file (D)
                Resource file format information (D)
                RSC to source file converter program (P)

      ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 22 ---------------------------

      ASSEMBLY  Graphics image outliner routine (S)
                Intro demo program code (S)
                Mouse position test routine (S)
                Upper/lower case conversion routines (S)
                Mouse movement limiting technique (S)(P)
      C         Progress report function (S)
                Tim Oren GEM tutorial. Part 11. GEM hooks & hacks (D)(S)
      BASIC     Demo program on disabling menu items (S)(P)
      GFA       Picture clipping code and program (S)(P)
                Bingo card number generator and program (S)(P)
                GFA Tool Kit book review (D)
      STOS      Bank display program code (S)
                Chaos engine (S)
      MISC      Using the system clipboard (D)
                Terry King's GFA Extension kit demos (P)
                Current membership list (D)
                Index for issues 1-21 (D)

      ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 23 ---------------------------

      ASSEMBLY  Overscan routines (S)
                STE 8 way hardware scrolling routines (S)
                Blitter routines using A line $0007 call (S)
      C         Tim Oren GEM Tutorial. Part 12. GEM Events (D)
                Replacement standard library functions with Alcyon C (S)
      GFA       Hi Rez format program (S)
                Library Creator for GFA programmers (P)
      STOS      Menu Shell code (S)
                Screen saver code (S)
                STOS Extension selector (P)
      MISC      GDOS information file (D)
                Character conversion tables (in Protext format) (D)
                Current membership list (D)

      ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 24 ---------------------------

      ASSEMBLY  Floating Point routines (needs fixing, see below) (S)
                Picture conversion package (PICPAC) update (S)
      C         Bouncing Ball demo program (S)
                Tim Oren GEM Tutorial. Part 13. A new form manager (D)
      GFA       Naval Battle Game program (S)
      STOS      Variable to string converter code (S)
      MISC      Chain program (P)
                Using the Atari clipboard (D)
                Current membership list (D)

      ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 25 ---------------------------

      ASSEMBLY  Changing the mouse shape with 'A Line' calls (S)
      C         Tim Oren GEM Tutorial. Part 14. User interfaces (D)
                Various C functions for MegaMax and Prospero (S)
                Speech synthesizer for C and GFA (S)
      GFA       Weller Tools utilities (P)
      STOS      Print examples using M Cubitts STOS extension (S)
      MISC      M†rten Lindstr”m, GEM Guide. Part 1 (D)
                Current membership list (D)
                Index for issues 1-24 (D)

      ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 26 ---------------------------

      ASSEMBLY  Various 3D hidden line drawing routines (S)
      C         Tim Oren GEM Tutorial. Part 15. Coping with GEMDOS (D)
      GFA       Using GDOS under GFA (S)
      STOS      STOS loader program, etc for Missing Link Extn (P)(S)
      MISC      How GDOS works (D)
                M†rten Lindstr”m, GEM Guide. Part 2 (D)
                AMCGDOS program (P)
                Current membership list (D)
                Index for issues 1-25 (D)

      ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 27 ---------------------------

      ASSEMBLY  Routine to double screen height (S)
      BASIC     LOGO/Turtle emulator code (S)
      C         Tim Oren GEM Tutorial. Part 16 Interface Potpourri (D)
                Variable length edit fields (S)
      GFA       Directory tree displayer (S)(P)
      STOS      PUTKEY command information (S)
                Sort routine (S)
      MISC      M†rten Lindstr”m, GEM Guide. Part 3 (D)
                Portable Network Graphics specification (D)
                Current membership list (D)

      ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 28 ---------------------------

      ASSEMBLY  Using the BitBlt VDI calls (S)
                Pop-up menu routine (S)
                Routines for initialising embedded RSC files (S)
                RSC tree walking routine (S)
      C         Tim Oren GEM Tutorial. Part 17. PC/ST Resource conv (D)
                Sub-menu source code library (S)
                Simple Database program (S)
      GFA       Low Rez formatting program (S)
      STOS      Syntax Helper accessory (P)
      MISC      M†rten Lindstr”m, GEM Guide. Part 4. (D)
                Mark Baker, Using SpeedoGDOS. Part 1. (D)
                Mag!X fix program for BASIC, Lattice C and DevPac (P)
                Current membership list (D)
                Index for issues 1-27 (D)

      ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 29 ---------------------------

      ASSEMBLY  Jaguar Pad interface routine (S)
                SpeedoGDOS functions MACRO reference guide. (D)
      C         Lasso function code (S)
                Incremental circle generator code (S)
                Application skeleton code (S)(P)
      GFA       GFA Patch program (P)
                Slider puzzle game code (S)
                USA map game code (S)
      STOS      Stock controller program (S)
                ACC loader program (S)
                STOS Extensions survey (D)
                STOS fix program for the TT (P)
      MISC      M†rten Lindstr”m, GEM Guide. Part 5 (D)
                ZLIB and Deflate compressed data format information (D)
                Ralph Lovesy interview (D)
                GEM Bitmap font file format (D)
                MODEM programming and MODEM comparison guide (D)
                Atari Compendium correction list (D)
                XAcc GEM communication protocol specification (D)
                Current membership list (D)

      ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 30 ---------------------------

      ASSEMBLY  ReStart TSR program (S)
                XBRA Protocol information (D)
      C         Disk catalogue program source code (S)
      GFA       M†rten Lindstr”m: An introduction to GFA programming (D)
      BASIC     Lottery program (S)
      STOS      Seapest game source code (S)
                Tiny picture format loader routine (S)
      MISC      Cookie Jar list (D)
                Mark Baker, SpeedoGDOS example code (S)
                Current membership list (D)

      ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 31 ---------------------------

      ASSEMBLY  Saucers game source code (S)
                Line drawing routines source code (S)(P)
      C         SCSI Interface Library for C programmers (S)
      GFA       GFA Interface dialog utility code & program (S)(P)
      STOS      Polygon demo program (S)(P)
                Stock Controller data files (S)
      MISC      Pexec function Cook-Book (D)
                Current membership list (D)

      ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 32 ---------------------------

      ASSEMBLY  Non-modal dialog box code (S)(P)
                Relative mouse handling routine (S)
      C         Dictionary game source code (S)(P)
      GFA       Directory catalogue program (S)
      STOS      Starfield screen code (S)
                Disk manager program (S)
      MISC      Ottos Resource Construction Set (ORCS) program (P)
                ORCS review (D)
                Card shuffling techniques (S)(P)
                Current membership list (D)
                Index for issues 1-32 (D)

      ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 33 ---------------------------

      ASSEMBLY  Assembly Language Tutorial. Part 1 (D)
                Non-Modal dialog boxes source code (S)
      C         Window icon interface system (S)
                File viewer program (S)(P)
      GFA       Text adventure game (S)(P)
                Object change code (S)
      STOS      Using a large font in STOS (S)
                STOS Falcon patch program (P)
                STOS Compiler patch (P)
      MISC      Character Set Information and UNICODE standard (D)
                SCSI FAQ file, part 1 (D)
                Programming considerations (INTERNET) (D)
                Current membership list (D)

      ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 34 ---------------------------

      ASSEMBLY  Assembly Language Tutorial. Part 2.
                Dialog box code.
      C         Alert message function.
                C Manship code Chap 23 (see correspondence section).
      GFA       Hi Rez scaling program demo.
                Various mouse related routines.
      STOS      Generic STOS fix program.
                STOS menu code.
      MISC      HTML information (compressed).
                Rich Text format spec Part 1.
                VDI Enhance program and documentation.
                PC to Atari disk reader.
                Current membership list.
                Index for issues 1-33.
      ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 35 ---------------------------                

      ASSEMBLY  PICPAC update.
                Assembly Language Tutorial. Part 3.
                Mouse routines using Absolute Mode.
      C         Dynamic memory debug library.
                File listing functions.
                Progress bar.
      GFA       File selector routine.
      STOS      STOS demo code.
                Pie Chart maker.
      MISC      Rich Text format spec Part 2.
                3D Maze Demo program.
                Iconify Server (ICFS) code and CPX.
                Current membership list.
      ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 36 ---------------------------    

      ASSEMBLY  ST Assembly Language Workshop. Chapter 1.
      C         Monochrome fade functions.
      GFA       Date and time setting procedures.
      STOS      Mouse and Joystick test routines.
      MISC      NVDI information.
                SCSI FAQ.
                File Viewer program demo.
                Current membership list.

      ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 37 ---------------------------    

      ASSEMBLY  ST Assembly Language Workshop. Chapter 2.
                Raster and mouse control routines.
      C         Richard Harvey. C Tutorial Part 1.
                Garden Database program.
      GFA       Various font routines.
      STOS      Alert box routine for STOS.
                Fill demo and source code.
      MISC      Mouse icon images.
                Current membership list.

      ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 38 ---------------------------    

      ASSEMBLY  ST Assembly Language Workshop. Chapter 3.
      C         Richard Harvey. C Tutorial Part 2.
                Window dialogue system.
      GFA       More font routines.
                Clipboard functions for GFA.
      STOS      Geometry demo program and code.
      MISC      Beta version of WordGrid game.
                More Icon images.

      ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 39 ---------------------------    

      ASSEMBLY  ST Assembly Language Workshop. Chapter 4.
                Example of constructing a dialog box by hand.
      C         A mousetrap accessory (Squonk).
      GFA       Accessory communication protocol.
      MISC      Tanks game demo.
                ANSI code text converter program.

      ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 40 ---------------------------    

      ASSEMBLY  ST Assembly Language Workshop. Chapter 5.
      C         Memory debug utility.
      GFA       Text manipulation/search routines.
                GFA VDI functions.
      STOS      Line clipping techniques.
                Lottery program.
      FORTRAN   FORTRAN on the Atari.
      MISC      Falcon register information.
                Current membership list.

      ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 41 ---------------------------    

      C         Bezier curve routine.
      GFA       Functions for using ARGV arguments in command lines.
                File recognition routine.
                Using the Iconified window Server in GFA.
      STOS      Slideshow program and tutorial.
      FORTRAN   BC-FORTRAN 77 development system.
                FORTRAN-C converter.
                Compiler-Driver for BC-FORTRAN 77.
      MISC      A quick guide to creating an HTML document.
                Current membership list.

      ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 42 ---------------------------    

      ASSEMBLY  Long integer multiplication & division routines.
                Date display program.
                Virus detector program.
      C         Routine to enlarge section of screen.
                Card game called Mountain.
      GFA       Encryption program.
                Picture display program.
                Fast variable text output routine.
      STOS      ACB loader program.
                Slideshow tutorial Part 2.
      MISC      System variables list.
                Resource file converter program.
                Current membership list.

      ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 43 ---------------------------    

      ASSEMBLER  Beizer Curve Routine
                 Neochrome Loader
      C          Desktop demonstration
                 Sierpinski gasket fractal generator
                 USENET C tutorial
      MISC       3D maze demo 2
                 ICTARI HTML files
      ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 44 ---------------------------    
      ASSEMBLER  Doom clone source code.
      C          Fractal snowflake program.
                 Non-modal dialogue box demo.
      GFA        Shareware compiler.
            	 GEM object functions.
                 Number string routine.
      MISC       TT assign.sys file.
                 JPEG USENET article.
                 Current membership list.
      STOS:      (Belated !) Christmas proglettes.
      ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 45 ---------------------------    

      ASSEMBLY  Parallax Scrolling Demo.
                GEMDOS Query.
      C         Article About AES Messages.
      GFA       Composed Character Routines.
      MISC      (Yet Another !) Sierpinski Gasket Demo.
                WEB-DESK, -Load WWW Pages From The Desktop.
                ICTARI HTML files.
     STOS       Scaling Sprites Demo. 
                Iterated Fractal Program.
 ------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 46 ---------------------------                              ==================
       	C:      	Fractal Generator
                    	System Audio Manager Utility             
     	GFA:    	GEM Object Functions
                    	Resource File Routines        
      	MISC:   	VT52 Animations
                    	Buzzsaw, A Tetris Clone
                    	Image File Format Information
                    	(Bug-Fixed) Freeware System Audio Manager
                    	Current Membership List
                    	Index For Issues 1-45          
      	STOS:   	Another Fractal Program !

------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 47 ---------------------------                              
	C       	Newton's method fractal program                      
        GFA     	GFA-Link -Link external files in GFA BASIC programs
                    	NiceLine -Object Tree functions
                    	XRSC+ -Updated resource file functions
     	MISC    	VT52 Fuji demo
                    	Colour VT52 editor
                    	GEM message documentation in ST-Guide format
                    	Alternative ICTARI logo
                    	Screen-Dump utility                    
                    	Current membership list
      	STOS    	GEMMA -Access GEM from STOS !
                    	SINBAD -Freeware STOS extension           
------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 48 ---------------------------     
      	ASSEMBLY:       Mini word processor
        GFA:            NVDI settings functions
                        Pop-up menu routines
                        Alternative "Help Balloon" system
                        Bubble GEM support routines
  	MISC            HTML Image format FAQ
                        GIF format information
                        Xaaes, Multi-tasking AES for MiNT
        STOS:           Swingshot game demo                
------------------------- ICTARI ISSUE 49 ---------------------------
        ASSEMBLY        Article on hacking / cracking
       	GFA             GEM graphics functions
        HISOFT BASIC    GEM slider demo 
        MISC            STOOP2 Beta -Falcon boot manager
        STOS            Stereogram creator

      Copies of any of the above issues  are  available to UK members for ś1
      each from :-

      ICTARI User Group,
      G Greenway,
      8 Denmark Road,
      RG1 5PA.