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Desktop icons for Atari computers

All of you have problably some time been sneaking around inside some ftp somewhere in search for new icons for your Atari. Usually you never now what you are downloading until you unpack the archive. That is why I decided to make a little icon library with both screenshots and downloads. Have fun with all the icons and please feel free to send me more icons to release on this page! All icons from Hallvard Tangeraas can also be found at his icon library which is a good place to look for more icons, especially if you have a monochrome setup.

Note: All files on this page are in zip-format and contains colour icons in RSC-format.

ICQ icon Archive 1 (96 windows icons) [Preview] [Download]

This archive contains a bunch of icons that I have converted from the PC. Why not add the ICQ-icon for mICQ or the Winzip-icon for ST-ZIP? The animated defrag icon is also very nice.

Collector: Joakim Högberg

Papillion icon Archive 2 (146 icons ready for Thing) [Preview] [Download]

This is a package prepared for intstant use with Thing. It even includes 64 mini-icons and a INF-file to fix the icon assignments for you!

Collector: Kellis (URL)

Disk icon Archive 3 (17 animated disk icons) [Preview] [Download]

Look here if you want icons for harddisks or floppys.

Collector: Hallvard Tangeraas (FTP)

Folder icon Archive 4 (54 animated folders) [Preview] [Download]

Lots of icons for you folders...

Collector: Hallvard Tangeraas (FTP)

Cool trash icon Archive 5 (55 trashcan icons) [Preview] [Download]

Here you will find icons to replace your old trashcan with.

Collector: Hallvard Tangeraas (FTP)
Collector: Joakim Högberg/Dieter Junius (Email) (URL)

Printer icon Archive 6 (53 animated misc. icons) [Preview] [Download]

Contains printers, phones, notepads and stuff like that.

Collector: Hallvard Tangeraas (FTP)

Mac icon Archive 7 (29 iMac icons) [Preview] [Download]

A bunch of icons with the iMac-look.

Collector: Joakim Högberg

Homer icon Archive 8 (53 Simpson icons) [Preview] [Download]

This collection is all about the Simpsons.

Collector: Jan Daldrup (URL)

Loudspeaker icon Archive 9 (216 mixed icons) [Preview] [Download]

A mix of 16 and 256 colour icons and also 81 mini icons. Don't miss this one!

Collector: Nick Ripley (URL)

BeOS icon Archive 10 (58 BeOS icons) [Preview] [Download]

This collection looks really great in 256 colours but you can still use them with 2 or 16 colours.

Collector: Bernt Mädicke (URL)

Trash folder icon Archive 11 (29 icons) [Preview] [Download]

This collection looks really great in 256 colours but you can still use them with 2 or 16 colours.

Collector: Bernt Mädicke (URL)

Write mini-icon Archive 12 (69 mini-icons) [Preview] [Download]

A nice collection of mini-icons in 2/16 colours.

Collector: Bernt Mädicke (URL)

zip-disk icon Archive 13 (58 peripherals) [Preview] [Download]

Disks, zips monitors and stuff like that in 256 colours.

Collector: Joergen Bak (URL)

folder icon 2 Archive 14 (52 folder icons) [Preview] [Download]

Extensive collection of folders!

Collector: Joergen Bak (URL)

Arabesque icon Archive 15 (78 file icons) [Preview] [Download]

Icons for various file types.

Collector: Joergen Bak (URL)

Art icon Archive 16 (78 art icons) [Preview] [Download]

Art icons in 256 colours all the way!

Collector: Matthias Jaap (URL)

Joystick icon Archive 17 (19 readme icons, 14 joystick icons) [Preview] [Download]

Icons for readme files and game controllers

Collector: Matthias Jaap (URL)

Image icon Archive 18 (21 icons of famous people) [Preview] [Download]

Icons with pictures of famous people

Collector: Matthias Jaap (URL)

iMac icon Archive 19 (49 various icons) [Preview] [Download]

Celebrities, iMac and more. Good stuff!

Collector: Bengy Collins (URL)

Disk icon Archive 20 (77 various icons) [Preview] [Download]

Selection with different icons

Collector: Keith Hasama (email)

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About this page:

I believe all these files to be shareware or freeware and thus free to distribute. However, if you believe that is not the case then please get in touch! If you have got nice looking Atari icons or PC icons you would like to see converted to Atari then do not hesitate to contact me!

Joakim Högberg (