Atari Icon Library
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Tips for using icons with your desktop

Access your new icons

To use the icons you can find on this site you will need to transfer them to the icon resource file used by your replacement desktop. This file will most likely be found in the directory where your desktop is run from and will probably be called ICONS.RSC or something similiar. To transfer the icons between the downloaded RSC-file and the one used by the desktop you will need a resource editor that is capable of handling colour icons.

One of the best programs available for doing this is ResourceMaster which has been written by Armin Diedering. This shareware version is somewhat restricted as it won't allow you to edit and save icons. However, if all you want to do is set up the icons for use with Thing, Jinnee or another desktop replacement you will find that this program allow you to fix this with ease. Just remember to register the program if you continue to use it on a regular basis! [Download]

Convert from Windows to Atari format (ICO/DLL->RSC)
  • You wish to convert some Windows icons to your Atari? Then you should definitely have a look at Icon Extract from Florent Lafabrie
Convert from Atari to Windows format (RSC->ICO/DLL)
  • That is kind of the opposite of what I try to do, hence I don't know if there are any applications around that will allow you to do this. Please don't send me any requests to help you with this. I really can't help you :/

Edit icons assignments

When you have saved the new icon resource file you will need to assign the new icons to certain files, file types or directorys. This is either achived through the desktop itself or a stand-alone program, as THINGICN for Thing.

Palette problems

The resource files containing the icons can not save any information about the colour palette. Therefore icons are depending on a certain palette to view properly. 99% of the icons in the library are made for the system palette used by CAB. It seems like it is the closest thing to a standard we will get these days.

Note: I believe that all files for download on this page are freeware or shareware and thus free to distribute. If you think that any of the programs aren´t then please get in touch with me and I´ll remove it.

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