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Desktop icons for Atari computers

Note: All files on this page are in zip-format and contains colour icons in RSC-format.

Calvin iconArchive 41 (66 cartoon/comic icons) [Preview] [Download]

Lots of 256 colour icons of your favourites!

Collector: Joakim Högberg

Doom iconArchive 42 (25 game icons) [Preview] [Download]

Now we've got Doom for the Atari, so why not use a real Doom icon?

Collector: Joakim Högberg/Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

Oz iconArchive 43 (25 face icons) [Preview] [Download]

Monsters and characters from comedies and Wizard of Oz

Collector: Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

railway iconArchive 44 (50 train/tram icons) [Preview] [Download]

Various railway vehicles...

Collector: Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

disk iconArchive 45 (71 mixed icons) [Preview] [Download]

Various icons. Many of them for hardware stuff...

Collector: Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

Aniston iconArchive 46 (17 nice icons!) [Preview] [Download]

Beautiful women... (Most of them!) ;)

Collector: Joakim Högberg

Laser printer iconArchive 47 (29 great hardware icons!) [Preview] [Download]

Zip-disks, scanners & laser printers and such. Great stuff!

Collector: Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

Burger iconArchive 48 (34 mixed icons!) [Preview] [Download]

New set with mixed icons!

Collector: Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

South Park iconArchive 49 (24 South Park icons) [Preview] [Download]

Enough said.. :)

Collector: Joakim Högberg

Smurf iconArchive 50 (22 smurf icons) [Preview] [Download]

You know who they are!

Collector: Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

Folder iconArchive 51 (49 folder icons) [Preview] [Download]

Folder icons in mac-style

Collector: Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

Cool Blue iconArchive 52 (72 Cool Blue icons) [Preview] [Download]

System icons in cool sketch style

Collector: Joakim Högberg

Sketch iconArchive 53 (35 icons) [Preview] [Download]

Roughly drawn icons. Kind of cool :)

Collector: Joakim Högberg

BeOS iconArchive 54 (73+13 icons) [Preview] [Download]

BeOS icons, some mini-icons too...

Collector: Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

Typewriter iconArchive 55 (113 icons in Mac-style) [Preview] [Download]

Icons designed in mac-style...

Collector: Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

Mac iconArchive 56 (76+52 Macintosh icons) [Preview] [Download]

Lots of more mac-icons...

Collector: Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

Smiley iconArchive 57 (17 smiley icons) [Preview] [Download]

Smiley in apple ;)

Collector: Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

Computer iconArchive 58 (127 mixed icons) [Preview] [Download]

Varied stuff, lots of icons!

Collector: Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

Surf iconArchive 59 (72 BeOS and 22 BeOS-98 icons) [Preview] [Not available]

The icons in this archive are removed from the library since they were added without permission from the creator.

Mac 8.5 iconArchive 60 (101 Mac8.5 icons) [Preview] [Download]

New style of mac icons!

Collector: Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

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About this page:

I believe all these files to be shareware or freeware and thus free to distribute. However, if you believe that is not the case then please get in touch! If you have got nice looking Atari icons or PC icons you would like to see converted to Atari then do not hesitate to contact me!

Joakim Högberg (