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Desktop icons for Atari computers

Note: All files on this page are in zip-format and contains colour icons in RSC-format.

Tool icon Archive 21 (46 colourful icons) [Preview] [Download]

Great looking 256 colour icons. Many of them in 48x48 size!

Collector: Heiko Achilles

Big font icon Archive 22 (45 various 256 colour icons) [Preview] [Download]

Note: These icons are shareware, not freeware! Read the docs for more info.

Collector: Ulrich Gössel

Draw icon Archive 23 (25 GlowIcons) [Preview] [Download]

Great stuff!

Created by: Matt Chaput (URL)
Converted by: Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

BE folder icon Archive 24 (30 folder icons) [Preview] [Download]

Folder icons with the BEos Look

Collector: Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

CPX icon Archive 25 (30 CPX icons) [Preview] [Download]

Icons for CPX modules

Collector: Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

Shaded folder icon Archive 26 (31 folder icons) [Preview] [Download]

Nice, shaded folder icons

Collector: Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

CD-drive icon Archive 27 (100 hardware icons) [Preview] [Download]

Monitors, disks and stuff

Collector: Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

Mac folder icon Archive 28 (54 icons) [Preview] [Download]

Most of these are folder icons in Mac-style

Collector: Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

Star Wars icon Archive 29 (20 Star Wars icons) [Preview] [Download]

Icons from Star Wars (latest movie)

Collector: Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

James Brown icon Archive 30 (81 animal/celebrities icons) [Preview] [Download]

Here you can find icons of animals (and a banana!) and some famous people.

Collector: Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

Computer icon Archive 31 (84 miscallenous icons) [Preview] [Download]

Lots of new icons for your desktop...

Collector: Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

Happy trash icon Archive 32 (104 miscallenous icons) [Preview] [Download]

Yes! Even more new various desktop icons...

Collector: Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

Cubase icon Archive 33 (56 music applications icons) [Preview] [Download]

Nice icons for Logic, Cubase and some keyboard brands. Do not miss!

Collector: Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

grey document icon Archive 34 (54 grey document icons) [Preview] [Download]

Nice, elegant document icons

Collector: Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

Christmas tree icon Archive 35 (69 christmas icons) [Preview] [Download]

Download these to get in the right mood... :)

Collector: Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

Paint icon Archive 36 (24 paint icons) [Preview] [Download]

Brushes and stuff...

Collector: Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

Radiot icon Archive 37 (63 big icons) [Preview] [Download]

Cool stuff! :)

Collector: Joakim Högberg

WinAMP icon Archive 38 (36 media icons) [Preview] [Download]

Cubase, Winamp, realplayer and that kind of stuff....

Collector: Joakim Högberg/Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

Java icon Archive 39 (109 mixed icons) [Preview] [Download]

Very varied stuff. A few of the icons are animated...

Collector: Joakim Högberg/Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

Java icon Archive 40 (46 icons with mac look) [Preview] [Download]

Icons converted from macintosh or with mac-ish look! :)

Collector: Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

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About this page:

I believe all these files to be shareware or freeware and thus free to distribute. However, if you believe that is not the case then please get in touch! If you have got nice looking Atari icons or PC icons you would like to see converted to Atari then do not hesitate to contact me!

Joakim Högberg (