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Desktop icons for Atari computers

Note: All files on this page are in zip-format and contains colour icons in RSC-format.

Hitech iconArchive 61 (44 hitech icons) [Preview] [Download]

System set called "hitech"

Collector: Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

Next-98 iconArchive 62 (39 Next-98 icons) [Preview] [Download]

Yet a new system set :)

Collector: Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

Document iconArchive 63 (35 document icons) [Preview] [Download]

Cool document icons in mac-style

Collector: Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

Computer iconArchive 64 (73 system icons) [Preview] [Download]

System set, appearantly created for mac...

Collector: Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

Computer iconArchive 65 (130 macintosh icons) [Preview] [Download]

Don´t miss this one! Great looking mac-icons :)

Collector: Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

3D iconArchive 66 (86 icons) [Preview] [Download]

Set with nice icons, many of them in 3D

Collector: Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

Mac iconArchive 67 (35 icons) [Preview] [Download]

iMac icons, welldrawn :)

Collector: Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

Mac iconArchive 68 (55 3d-icons) [Preview] [Download]

Another set in smooth 3d-style

Collector: Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

Application iconArchive 69 (24 program icons) [Preview] [Download]

Icons for applications

Collector: Dieter Junius (email (URL))

Application iconArchive 70 (14 network icons) [Preview] [Download]

Network icons originating from the mac...

Collector: Dieter Junius (email) (URL)

Zip iconArchive 71 (41 futuristic icons) [Preview] [Download]

Icon set called "House of D.A.K"

Creator: Dmitry A. Kulinitch (email)
Converted by: Joakim Högberg

Icon by Kim LuuArchive 72 (45 icons) [Preview] [Download]

'Neon Genesis Evangelion' is copyright GAINAX Co. Ltd.

Creator: Kim Luu
Converted by: Nicolas Richeton(email) (URL)

Parasite Eve IconArchive 73 (17 icons) [Preview] [Download]

'Parasite Eve' is copyright Square Electronic Arts L.L.C.

Converted by: Nicolas Richeton(email) (URL)

Big computer iconArchive 74 (24 big icons) [Preview] [Download]

A new set of larger icons!

Converted by: Joakim Högberg

Keyboard iconArchive 75 (69 mixed icons) [Preview] [Download]

Very varied stuff, some animated icons also.

Converted by: Joakim Högberg

Executable iconArchive 76 (27+27 executable icons) [Preview] [Download]

Cool icons for your executable files!

Converted by: Thierry Leroy (email) (URL)

Internet iconArchive 77 (45+45 internet icons) [Preview] [Download]

Nice internet icons!

Converted by: Thierry Leroy (email) (URL)

Music iconArchive 78 (45+45 music icons) [Preview] [Download]

Good music icons!

Converted by: Thierry Leroy (email) (URL)

System iconArchive 79 (63+63 system icons) [Preview] [Download]

A whole bunch of system icons. Go get them :)

Converted by: Thierry Leroy (email) (URL)

MiNT iconArchive 80 (122 icons / 66 mini icons) [Preview] [Download]

Atari icons with "plate" look. These are pretty slick! :)

Tweaked by: SWE & evl

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About this page:

I believe all these files to be shareware or freeware and thus free to distribute. However, if you believe that is not the case then please get in touch! If you have got nice looking Atari icons or PC icons you would like to see converted to Atari then do not hesitate to contact me!

Joakim Högberg (