A hypertext viewer for Atari

ST-Guide is a viewer for hypertexts in the HYP-format and such files are often used for documentations, diskzines or when a program needs online help. Once installed ST-Guide can be called from within other programs, even under single-TOS if run as an ACC. It is also possible to view these HYP-files when working with a MAC/PC since there are clones for both of these platforms.

hEARCoach uses ST-Guide to view the online help. Just push the HELP-button (or select HELP in the desk menu) when there is something going on that you want help with. Then the help section matching the current top window of hEARCoach will be shown.

Try these sites for download and more info:

[Screenshot] This is a snapshot of ST-GUIDE running under MagiC. For the moment it is viewing its own documentation in HYP-format.


This hypertext system is Fairware, which means it can be used by anyone without cost and copies may be passed on so long as distribution is free of charge. Regular users are expected to make a donation to ensure the continued development of the system.

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