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But why replace the file selector?

The original fileselector found in TOS has a lot of shortcomings since it was written so long ago. Some people got tired of this and decided to simply take the law in their own hands and write their own selectors with the features they wanted. Some of these selectors can seem slow if used with an old 8Mhz ST, but a couple of them suits even this old computer and is a far better solution than the original. If you own a newer and more powerful TOS-computer you might want to try some of the more featurepacked and non-modal ones. Take a look!

Screenshot -Click to enlarge Freedom

Freedom is probably the most elegant and feature packed of the fileselectors on this page. As it is non-modal it does not block other applications when opened. Something that is important to some people is the fact that it can handle long filenames. You can also edit the size of Freedom on the fly by dragging its lower right corner. What really separates this from all the others is the fact that it also can work as a replacement for Ataris extended control panel, xControl. On old ST:s the low speed can be a real drawback. You decide!

Author: Kolja Koischwitz and Christian Krüger

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Little Green Selector

Here you see the Little Green Selector up and working. In my opinion this is the one to go for if you are using an old Atari and find raw speed more important than fancy features. It is very fast and can do everything I want a fileselector to do. The quick access to all drives make this selector my first choice.

Author: CodeHead Software (Charles F. Johnson and John Eidsvoog)

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Screenshot - Click to enlargeSelectric

I won´t tell you much about this right now since I haven´t really tried it out myself. However, it is modal and not displayed in a GEM-window like Freedom or BoxKite. Under options it is possible to adjust the height of the selector in several steps.

Author: Stefan Radermacher

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BoxKite seems to be the only one left that still gets updated somewhere now and then. Like Freedom it is non-modal, shows up in a nice GEM-window, is resizeable by dragging lower right corner and will also work fine with long filenames. This is maybe the most restricted shareware selector with its nag-screens and disabled features. Register to unlock!

Author: Harald Becker

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Screenshot - Click to enlargeUniversal Item Selector

This one was quite popular a few years ago. It has features similiar the ones found in Little Green Selector and so it is way better than the one built into TOS. You can also use this to create folders and format disks.

Author: ??
Revision: Ulf Ronald Andersson

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About this page:

I believe all these files to be shareware or freeware and thus free to distribute. However, if you are the author of one of these programs and want them removed from this site, please get in touch! Additional information on the various programs mentioned would also be welcome.

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