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What about text editors?

Text editors are often handy when it comes to certain tasks like maintaining websites, programming or just typing plain text. Sometimes when writing you may find that a small and fast text editor can be better suited for that than your word processor. Below you can take a look at some of the text editors available for the Atari and find out which one you want. All programs on this page will handle cut and paste.

Screenshot -Click to enlarge Everest

Everest is a text editor that has been wellknown to Atari users for a long time but since it gets updated regularly it is still one of the best. This is absolutely one of the most compatible and fastest editors around and it starts up quick enough to be used as a viewer even on old ST:s. Everest supports: GDOS fonts, drag&drop, DHST-protocol, OLGA, SE-protocol (communication between editor and programming shell) and Freedom/Selectric/MagiC fileselection protocol

Author: Oliver Schmidt

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QED was originally written by Tom Quellenberg and later on maintained for a long time by Christian Felsch. This is one of the finest and most popular editors for Atari but can unfortunately be slow at startup on older Ataris. Apart from that there is not much to complain about. This editor is even capable of editing binarys which is useful for translating programs without resource files and stuff like that. QED supports: GDOS fonts, drag&drop, DHST-protocol, OLGA, SE-protocol (communication between editor and programming shell) and Selectric-protocol (select multiple files). The later versions also offers syntax highlighting, something that should appeal to anyone involved in HTML or coding.

Author: Heiko Achilles

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Screenshot - Click to enlargeSpiritEd

Spirited was originallly written as a part of a Bible Concordance Program from SpiritWare and is the only one of the mentioned programs that works as an accessory. This makes it a very good solution if you want to write HTML under singletasking and still be able to check your pages while writing. You will also find that its word wrapping is excellent as it adjusts to the current width of its window. When will we see this feature in the other editors? It lacks support for all newer protocols but if this isn't badly needed you might want to try it out. I changed this binary to use SCRAP.TXT instead of SCRAP.ASC for cut´n paste.

Author: ?

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Luna is one of the newest editors for the Atari and seems to be loaded with features. It is also frequently updated, so pay the authors site a visit to see what is new. When used on older Ataris like the ST it can unfortunately not match Everest or Qed in terms of speed, but when it comes to the user interface Luna is probably the nicest looking as design of all dialogs are very slick and feels solid. Luna supports: GDOS, drag&drop, OLGA. The lack of a standard menubar is something that probably can be either good or bad depending on your computing habits.

Author: Richard Gordon Faika

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About this page:

I believe all these files to be shareware or freeware and thus free to distribute. However, if you are the author of one of these programs and want them removed from this site, please get in touch! Additional information on the various programs mentioned would also be welcome.

Joakim Högberg (gokmase@bigfoot.com)

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