Project Falcon - mounting the Falcon and expansions into a tower case
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Soon after I received my CT60, I realized that the only realistic way to go for me was to put turn the Falcon into a tower case system. The obvious reason for this was to make it possible to have an EtherNEC + ISA network card, CD-ROM and a 3,5" IDE harddrive fitted. During my work with achieving this, I often got stuck with problems I had to solve by asking for advice on various forums and such. Now that things are up and running I thought that my experiences may perhaps be of use to other Atari users wanting to put their Falcons into a tower case.

Other sites info on tower case modifications
Make sure to read this article from online magazine MyAtari, written by Lyndon Amsdon (Stimpy). It includes a lot of useful and detailed information:

There are some obvious places where you can get help with CT60 related issues:

DISCLAIMER: I accept no responsibility for the accuracy for any of the information you can find here! If you by accident turn your Falcon into a barbaque that is entirely your problem.