Finding a CT60 compatible RAM-card
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Why do I need a new RAM-card with ST-RAM?
Well, even if the CT60 has an SD-RAM module, your Falcon will still need ST-RAM for certain things. The original 4mb card from Atari will most likely work even if your Falcon board has been accelerated, but there are a number of brands that are known to cause problems. (Falcon Wings, Gizmo, etc.) If you are getting a new card, you might want to have it equipped with maximum amount of ST-RAM, which is 14.

So where can I get hold of a RAM-card?
A Czech atari user, Petr Svoboda, is the only one I know of that is still producing these cards. His card is known to work flawlessly with CT60, even with CPU at 100mhz and the bus/board accelerated to 25mhz!