Connecting 3,5" IDE hardware
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Why using 3,5" IDE units?
With your Falcon inside a big tower case you might be interested in using cheap IDE units such as harddrives or/and CD-ROM readers. This however means that we need to find a way to connect 3,5" IDE hardware to the 2,5" connector on the Falcon motherboard. In my opinion the best solution is to get hold of an adapter instead of using cable converters. I tried the latter with very, very bad results. The first cable I got did not work at all, while the replacement I was sent later on showed to be very unreliable.

What do I need?
The adapter itself is originally aimed at allowing 2,5" units to be used on a system with only 3,5" connectors, but nothing says it can't be used the other way around! To the right you can see a picture of such an adapter.

IDE adapter fitted How do I attach it?
There are 2 things you may want to do before getting started:

After taking care of these issues you should be able to simply slotting the adapter into position, it should be as simple as that! The picture above shows what the adapter looks like when mounted on the motherboard and with a standard 3,5" IDE cable attached.

IMPORTANT: Some users with CT60's and accelerated bus/board have reported problems with using long IDE cables, so keep an eye on that. I have also noted that my setup will NOT function reliably when I have more than 1 IDE unit attached! I was experiencing a lot of data corruption when reading/writing to and from the harddisk. Due to this, I am looking into purchasing a SCSI-2-IDE adapter to be able to use a standard IDE CD-ROM with my Falcon.