Adapting the tower case
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What kind of case should I be looking for?
The most important thing with the case is that it must have enough vertical space to host the Falcon board. And also, make sure to get an ATX-case, as it will make it easier now that you have a CT60! If you wish to have a CD-ROM fitted at the top of the case, you have to take that into account when you measure the available space and start planning on where exactly to place the board inside the tower case. You should also start thinking about where to put the PSU before you decide upon which case to use.

Hm, but how do I access the ports of the Falcon now? When putting the Falcon into a tower case, there are 2 ways to make the ports available. The way I decided to go for is extending the ports (MIDI/keyboard/VGA) to the back panel. In this case you need to get (or make yourself) cables for this purpose.
In case you would rather not fiddle with building extensions to the original ports you can fit the Falcon board directly towards the backside of the case, and simply cut holes in the case backpanel to expose the Falcon ports. It is however rather likely that the backpanel of the tower case isn't a solid and plane surface, thus making it a bit harder to get a good looking back panel.

What do I need to change inside?
Well the thing you most likely will have to adjust, is that you have to cut a bigger hole through the middle section of the case. This way, the tower will soon be able to host the Falcon board which is a whole lot bigger than a PC dito.

Below, you will see a collection of pictures I took during work with adapting the tower case to hold the Falcon board:

Mobo bolt1
Just a boring pic of the bolts that will hold the motherboard
Mobo bolt2
Another boring pic of the bolts that will hold the motherboard
Empty case1
The full tower from above. Here you can see how the metal was cut to make way for the Falcon board
Empty case2
Another picture of the case, this one from the left side
Empty case3
This picture shows the backside of the case. The PSU will have to be fitted upside down at the very top of the case.
Empty case4
Front view, the hole will be stuffed with an IDE CD-rom later on.
Empty case5
View from above, clearly showing the how I molested the tower case to make room for the Falcon ;)
In case you don't notice instantly (which you probably won't), the EtherNEC is mounted upside-down to make way for the Falcon board.
Mobo in case1
View from the left, showing the motherboard in position.
Mobo in case2
View from above with motherboard showing.
Mobo in case3
View from inside the tower, showing how the board is attached.
Mobo in case4
View from inside the tower, with the CT60 showing.
Mobo in case5
View from the right side of the tower. The Falcon motherboard is a looong story!