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What keyboard do I use? And how?
With the Falcon board inside a tower case, you are likely to start looking into possible solutions regarding how to hook up a keyboard. The original Falcon keyboard isn't very well suited for this task, as it is made to be used only inside the original Falcon case. There are basically 3 ways to proceed:

So how do I connect a MegaST/MegaSTe keyboard?
Basically you need to rewire the keyboard cable, on way or the other. The picture below illustrates how to connect the pins from the Falcons keyboard connector on the motherboard to the corresponding conductors on the MegaST/MegaSTe keyboard cable.


NOTE: The original archive with these pictures contained the following text in a readme file:

How to connect Mega ST/STe/TT keyboards -> ST/STe/Falcon computers.
    Second edition, August 13, 1995. Sater, Sweden, DHS Bunker.

This description was originally made by Jonas Ekelund back in -91, 
but it only explained Mega ST keyboard connection, and not
Mega STe and TT.

So, here are a slight update with both of them included.
Fileformat is GIF, and could be loaded into any decent GIF viewer
(ie, something like GemView on Falcon/TT in 256 col mode, or 
Photochrome/S.O.F. on ST/e).

Both connections have been tried, and works fine, but we don't
take any responsibiliy for eventually damaged equipment when using 
this scheme. You're doing this on your own risk!